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The Body and The Universe

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

What is this body we have? What is this body we live in? Over the past couple of days, I have had downloads, and experiences in my healings to bring my focus on the body. Some people see the body as just that a body, that they have no control over, just a science subject, maybe even foreign. Since February started, I received so much I have so much to say. Bear with me!

The body is your vehicle here on Earth, it is the vehicle carrying your soul energy and consciousness. There are other ways to be here on Earth. If you chose to be human at this time, then you are here in your human vehicle.

Others may even say it's your human avatar. What do they mean by avatar? Well, let's look at this life as media, you are participating in it as a consciousness, but to give yourself a way to be seen/known/recognized in the media you created an avatar to be in, to play the game. Some people really love changing their avatar to express themselves throughout the year. Or they change up their vehicle's appearance. Some people add tattoos, piercings, change hair colors, styles, some people even do body building or plastic surgery. This is all to make us "feel good" in our experience here on Earth. Why is this so important? We require so much from the outside world to give us our existence, that is why. We grew up with so much conditioning and programing telling us what our body/look/avatar should be like to be accepted, seen, heard, and even loved. One good reason we do so much with our bodies, is because we understand our body is the only one, we have right now, and to be healthy and happy in it while we are here is really important. Most of us want to be here for a long time, right, see our children grow up, get married etc. Or we want to do so much good for Mother Earth and our families. We really feel we have a strong purpose here and we don't want to go any time soon. There are many people that just don't feel the love or the purpose and give up on taking care of their bodies. There are also some instances where people are just not educated enough to know anything about caring for their vehicle/avatar.

Most of us awakened souls care for our bodies as the temples, knowing that we are God in physical form, here and now, having a whole experience. The only thing that matters here is our connection to our body, holding space for the soul, our connection to Earth, and the stars/universe.

What we are not taught (because it has been kept from us for eons) is that our bodies are super special and intelligent. Our human avatars are very smart. Our bodies should actually heal itself, our bodies actually listen to us, and our bodies actually need love from us. We need to communicate with our bodies. We need to listen to what it wants and tell it what we would love to see happen. Most of us just don't know how. But you have been speaking to your bodies all this time, telling it things like "I am too fat", "I am too skinny", "I am dumb", "I am smart", "I am so beautiful", and whatever else, you know what you say to yourself in your mind and out loud....

So why was this so important to me, why was I getting all this information on the body?

It was definitely something that I was struggling with. "Why am I constantly making poor choices when I know better?"

We all know when it comes to having a good loving relationship with a partner or even finding your true love, there is a saying "you must love yourself before you can love another" or "you must love yourself first in order to receive love from another" or "you must love yourself first to receive true love". These are all sayings' people have problems with, they don't like it. They say, "I do love myself" or "does that mean that something is wrong with me, I am not capable of receiving love?".

Everyone is entitled to love; love is what this Earthly experience is all about. When someone isn't whole, when someone doesn't know what true love is in the first place, and they want it soooo badly they will take whatever attention comes there way as love. All of us have had this experience. We have all experienced trauma in some way that distorts our understanding of love. We have all dated mister or misses wrong because of this poor understanding of love and expectations in relationships. We have all experienced the "omg I am dating my father/mother" or "I am dating a narcissist."

I brought this up to help explain, that not only do you have to heal yourself to help to receive your divine partner. You must heal yourself to be in divine partnership with yourself and your body. So that you can live your best life now, with the body you want to be proud and happy to be walking around this plane with. Through my own experience and my own healings, I have found that there isn't really self-sabotage happening, but really self-saving/soothing behavior. We are all carrying past life, and ancestry trauma/curses (most of us some of you have already healed this). Our past lives have had so much trauma that wasn't healed and behavior that is attached to the trauma. As we are here ascending with the planet, we are healing ourselves in this now moment assisting our past lives and ancestry.

What I mean is most of the issues we experience today in our body and the care we take of our body is coming from past life trauma/ancestry trauma or behavior. We are here today in this now moment to heal this. We are receiving light codes daily and surges of energy from the universe and the sun on to the planet that is tearing back layers of our blinded self (when most of us were born here in this plane, we stopped remembering who we are and our purpose once we started elementary school). We are remembering ourselves in every way, and with that bringing to the surface all that needs to be healed.

This is a great and wonderful thing. Once we have full understanding of our power, our bodies and our ability to love, we can all move forward into this life with grand mastery. We will be able to create the world which we seek to live in. Heaven on Earth. The Golden Era is upon us, and so it is a great duty we are all caring with in us, to remember ourselves, to heal ourselves, to love ourselves, and to love others. With self-mastery at hand all the love in the world you want to receive will be filling your cups and overflowing. We will be looking and feeling the greatest, we will be in the best and highest relationships. So please be patient and loving to yourself. Please be patient and loving to others. We are all here as one, even those who look like they are not on your side, they are here for a purpose.

All is well and all is divine, and Your body is Your Responsibility No One Elses!! Listen to it and follow your heart for your guidance of what to do, what steps to take, who to listen to, who to follow, who to help you, what to eat, what to drink, what moves to make, what music to listen to, all these things, your body needs you! You need your body! Work together and see the magic happen, see the miracles. Allow yourself to receive healing sessions. Please don't be afraid to contact me for a free consultation. Love yourself through and through and all will you wish will come to you!

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