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Letter Of Forgiveness

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

I actually wrote this letter months ago, and I wasn't even sure if it was still relative, because the energy of love is so high on this planet. I remembered one thing; everyone is on this planet at different levels of consciousness. This letter is for you to read to help you in your process of healing and letting go of the past.

I love you my dear child.

Pleiadian Mother

To all beings of the dark, to all human beings of the dark, we forgive you. We forgive all who work with the dark to control humans and Mother Earth. We forgive all who work with the dark who hurt our animals, our trees, our food source, our oceans, our skies and our dear innocent children. We forgive all of the dark who created the lies and programs to control all life and Mother Earth. The show is over the curtains are closed. We welcome the next act where the truth is told. We ask politely that you show us the cards you were playing, the game of bluff can no longer go on, you have no more chips. We forgive all who are with the dark. It’s hard to play a losing game with the wishes of owning a great planet, it is just that, a wish. We welcome your apologies; we welcome you to the side of the light. We welcome all that you choose to do now for the greater good of all humanity. We have no need to point fingers and cause more war. Our friends and family in our skies from planets near and far are here supporting us and Mother Earth. The love light on the planet is so strong, all we can do is forgive you and help you move forward, if you choose the higher octaves. Again, we forgive you, and we welcome your apologies. We welcome you to the light if you choose. The game is over, the show is over. We welcome heaven on Earth. No matter what happens, this is true, Heaven is here and now. We call it in now, it is done.

We forgive you.

The prayer to all who read this letter is that you lose the hate that you hold for the evil on this planet. The hate which holds the same vibration of the evil you despise. We don’t win battles of any kind this way. Lighten your heaviness of hate, anger and fear, even depression for the evil that you see on this planet.

The only way to dissolve evil is with love. The one thing we all need right now is forgiveness. Forgive them, for they do not know what they do. They are all following instructions given to them by people who hold their life in their hands. They fear losing their own lives, so they do these things. Sending them love and forgiveness will allow them to feel safe that they can come down and ask for help, that they can give the “bad guys” to the “good guys” once and for all and we can all be free. Our existence as a free sovereign being, shall be forever told to the masses. No more lies. We are free, we are love and light. We must exercise all that we have learned, love is the answer to all things.

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