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"Reshma has a very unique and precious gift of going into one's inner child. She is able to heal the inner child and more with out the person(client) involvement.  She will remove the physical and emotional suffering from the mind/body/soul/spirit and help to clear and undo trauma. This is great for children who are stuck in hospitals, for people all over the world. It doesn't matter where you are, she can work with you. Reshma works on a very high level alchemy with the galactic and ascended masters. She has access and authorities that other healers don't have. She is so safe to work with because her healing center is out of this space time and dimension. She is the one who puts herself at risk for you, she truly fights for you."
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Happy, Fulfilled Clients

Straight From The Source

I must say this beautiful lady Reshma she open up my mind she told me so much that I could feel in in my bones, she is real, she is honest, she is gifted, Please allow her to help you, she can guide you, she is an angel, I know Reshma for a few years and she is so pure, there is hope don't give up, reach out to Reshma, she is your honest hope and healer.

Spiritual Life Coach & Tarot/Oracle

She a sister to me through love and light great words of wisdom she can help you the cards is what I'm going through as we speak and gives me word of wisdom it was meant to be for us to meet 5 star rating down to earth

Tarot/Oracle Reading

Reshma is truly a blessing that has come into my life. After receiving only ONE inner child quantum healing session with her my life changed in a matter of a day. 

I’ve been working deeply on healing my childhood trauma for almost 7 years now but I got to the point in my own inner healing that I just couldn’t break through one last barrier on my own. Reshma entered my life as a gift from my cousin and I could not have predicted just how powerful this session would be and the blessings I was about to receive. 

I am fully aligned with my soul mission, I feel a sense of freedom, have clear vision of my life plans, my energy field is clear and cleansed, my creative blocks removed allowing me to be more in flow with my creative endeavours and I am more joyous than I have felt since I was a child. 

I will be recommending Reshma to anyone and everything who is looking for deep generation, timeline and mission path clearing. 

I have claimed her as my sister and one of my dearest friends for lifetimes to come. 

Thank you, my love. I’m eternally grateful xx



Pleiadian Mother Remote Quantum Inner Child Healing

Reshma from @thelighthouse333, it was a pleasure having you perform inner child healing. The pureness and joy you exude is priceless. You have brought so much to my attention for me when I recall growing up and my adulthood. And I also realized how powerful the sub conscious is when I painted my unicorn years ago and it was always a part of me. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Pleiadian Mother Remote Quantum Inner Child Healing

Thank you so much! You are unique light being who heard a crying call. You are amazing magnificence and I am grateful and with unconditional love light, I am healing every minute. So if I already say unconditional love I mean it is working as I can't say that last few days because I didn't feel it give me time I will gratitude you more. 
My higher and I am presence connect to your I am presence and send you blessing unconditional love light and beautiful energy. You helped to save my human body from giving up so wish to thank you and words will not find right way to do it so I doing by heart vibrations language.

Pleiadian Mother Remote Quantum Inner Child Healing

During the 2021 Lion’s Gate portal a lot of energies were pouring in to the planet. I had been feeling a lot of ascension symptoms leading up to this event. I had never been successful in my attempts to connect through automatic writing, the pendulum, or any other tools except for oracle cards and clairsentience. I was trying once again to connect with my guides through writing and I felt a glitch and I immediately became exhausted and crawled into bed. I slept the whole day. I woke up to a feeling of heavy energy covering my whole body. I wondered if it was more ascension symptoms but I felt more that this was dark energy holding me down. I texted Reshma and she immediately rose to help me in my time of need. She went into the Quantum and she found herself on her dragon, with her sword in her hand, and her unicorn by her side. They were faced with a wall of darkness. She asked her guides “what is this?” and they said “this is good training.” She went in with her sword and began to fight the darkness. There were all kinds of things flying at her; bats, snakes, and she also saw a big reptilian being. There was a lot of confusion as the dark energies tried to confuse her but she stayed the course and eventually they lifted up above the mayhem and blasted it with a bomb of light. I could feel this dark energy being sucked off me like a vacuum cleaner. Afterwards I felt so much lighter. This reptilian energy had been with me since I was born and had been running interference any time I attempted any spiritual work. When Reshma had finished with the clearing she was pulled to Sirius where my star family thanked her saying “now she can connect with us.” Thanks to this amazing portal energy, my intuition, and Reshma’s dedication and fearlessness, I am free and now ready to connect with my guides, ancestors, and star ancestors. My life will never be the same. I am truly free.


Pleiadian Mother Remote Quantum Inner Child Healing

Reshma @thelighthouse333 is really a person who can bring light to your mind and soul just by talking. She exuberates with divine femininity, allows her client to fully relax in her soothing energy and reach to the depth of healing of your inner child. I feel different after the healing session with her. She can be trusted, she is pure and genuine. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for inner child healing. She is really helping the world in true sense of words.

Pleiadian Mother Remote Quantum Inner Child Healing

 I would like to start by saying Reshma the Pleiadian Mother has changed my life forever. I have been searching for a spirit healer for years to be able to help me figure out why I am so lost and to find the answers I need the most. Reshma and I are blood cousins but have not spoke in a while. By the grace of the universe I commented on one of her Instagram posts she had of a new tarot deck and she replied and agreed to do a reading for me. The tarot reading was so spot on to how I have been feeling lately knowing I am meant for something far greater than what I currently am. We talked for a while and I explained to Reshma that I really don't care whether I live or die, My life is just one big circle and putting myself down in the worst way. Reshma then told me what she is able to do and suggesting doing a inner child healing that it sounds like I have a lot of major blocks, not to mention I told her that I feel cursed. We agreed on what they would call a portal day to do the work needed. After saying my prayer and asking my inner child and guardians to allow Reshma to enter and give me all the healing that I needed and to help her find the answers I need the most to become who I am meant to be, I waited for the call. When my phone rang I answered immediately to hear what she experienced and honestly I felt bad knowing my past was a mess and how much energy it really takes in doing this. Whether you believe it or not, Reshma told me there was a dark powerful multi dimensional Draconian attached to me that she literally had to call on all the powers of the multiverse to get it to leave. My timelines were like a black forest of curses , with solid shadows and no light even after removing the Draconian influence, which called upon many beings again to help break through and bring in the light to heal my past. A third challenge appeared as Reshma was healing my chakras in the final step to purify my inner self. When Reshma got to my heart chakra a reflection of my inner hatred toward myself for all these years appeared so terrifying she got scared. Reshma gathered the courage and got all that darkness to leave and enter the light with the help again of all the ascended masters and light beings of love. Of all the hardships she fought through for me, I finally got my answer of what's my destiny. Turns out Merlin the great wizard appeared to her and give me the message that I am his student and in the future I will become a light healer as well removing negative energies such as what I had attached to me all these years since birth...with his guidance. My body, mind and soul feel light as a feather like I can float since then. I am not saying this just because Reshma is my cousin, Reshma went through all the things my subconscious hid that was dragging me down for years and years and was able to remove them and give me a reason again to want to live my future. I believe from the top to the bottom of my heart that Reshma the Pleiadian Mother is a most genuine, caring, loving, brave, honest human being with the potential to change the world and open our souls to the new earth that is slowly approaching. With Love, S.S.

Pleiadian Mother Remote Quantum Inner Child Healing

Reshma is truly a blessing. She opened my eyes to a whole new world and possibilities. Because of Reshma I feel better about my life, myself, and all the possibilities that are coming into my life. Reshma did the inner child healing process for me and that has done wonders for me. I woke up the next morning feeling like a new woman, ready to conquer the world. She created a judgement free, and safe place for me, and it really helped me open up and find out things about myself that I have forgotten or didn't know were there. Reshma is definitely the real deal and will bring so much light to anyone she talks to. I for one am happy she is part of my life and my growth. Thank you Reshma for everything!! 


Tarot/Oracle, Spiritual Life Coach, Pleiadian Mother RQ Inner Child Healing

My quantum healing with Reshma is an experience to remember forever. She was able to tap into so much of the now and my past lives that have helped me heal. She showed so much care and compassion for what I was going through. Not only was she able to clear my chakras but she was able to connect with my inner child, (the pure essence of us) and show me how my inner child was feeling and how I can look deeper into it. I was able to understand my emotions as a whole and why they occur. The subconscious mind holds so much information and Reshma is able to tap in and take a look at things that can also block us from our true potential. She is a beautiful light and healer! Forever grateful.


Quantum Combo

Words cannot convey how much gratitude I feel towards Reshma, having met this beautiful soul. She is definitely heaven sent to heal the collective souls. She helped me heal my past life trauma from Karmic family and taught me a way of living. When I felt all hope was lost. She was divinely guided to me and I trust and believe the universe is aligning everything I am meant to receive.  Namaste. 

I recommend that anyone ready to receive the universal gifts, ready to start with clearing up past life karma. All you have to do is connect with Reshma. I love you and all the work you do. 


Quantum Combo

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