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Top Services

Pleiadian Queen Mother Quantum Healing

Do to all of the new energies on the planet my healing process has changed, and I have more to offer. All of my Healing services will be provided at $100.00 USD, this is because one healing session is 1 hour. That is the most I can do in 1 day for 1 person and recoup.  Also, while working with you, 1 session may not be enough, it all depends on your soul, and what is allowed to be healed at the time. Healing is done in layers according to your soul and the work that you do at home, if you have a protocol to follow and you do or don't follow it. Meaning just doing1 healing session with me doesn't mean you are 100% healed from whatever we are working on. You have homework, and that is your responsibility. 


Initial Consultation


30 minutes Consultation, let's talk, chat like 2 people over some coffee. We know each other, there is nothing to be afraid of. I am here for you. Video chat, text, whatever feels comfortable, please chat with me on my site, there is a "chat with me" icon please use it! Please ask me any questions! I know this is not the normal experience, this is new and can be scary to ask for help.

Pleiaidian Queen Mother Channeled Oracle Readings

$50.00 for 30 min reading
$100.00 for 1 hour reading

Tarot and Oracle cards are used as a tool to help sort out information our intuition is receiving. Not everyone feels comfortable reading for themselves. This is fine and natural to feel like you need information from someone else. Some people don't understand how tarot and oracle cards are used and may believe this is not something good. Since the dawn of creation, we used tools to help guide us. I use the cards, and channel your higher self, as well as anyone who needs to come in. I am a channeler and a medium, which means I am able to access communication with anyone and anything I focus with. If you would like a reading please reach out to me!


Pleiadian Queen Mother Quantum Healing Sessions

$100 per 1 Hour Session

A New Healing Modality for the New Earth. I am here for you as Pleiadian Queen Mother, and I am here for you in the deepest way. In this new healing we uncover the mysteries, we get questions answered, we find the reasons, we heal the precious heart of the little you. After our initial call, we go through what is needed and create and intention/prayer. Then I proceed remotely with the healing process. I do the healing in the Quantum; you only need to be at rest or not doing anything that over- extends yourself. With all of my healings you get a friend and a cosmic mother for life!  Service Consists of the one Inner Child Healing. This is for someone who has been on their journey and understands the inner child is what is needed. For anyone starting out fresh on their journey the best thing is to book your initial consultation so we can see where to start!

Pleiadian Queen Mother Quantum Body Healing

$100 for 1 hour session

This body healing process is also a New Earth Healing modality that is provided in the quantum space. A place I call my healing temple. This is only for the body, so any issues with your physical body, energetic, mental, emotional and etheric body. I provide healing, removing what isn't needed, helping to heal you as a doctor would, providing psychic surgeries if necessary. Removal of negative entities or energies will also happen if need be. If you have implants, I also remove them if it is being requested by your soul. If you received vaccines that you wish to remove it can be removed. If you have a cold or flu this can be assisted. To complete the healing process, I work on all of your chakras and ground you into Mother Earth calling in your highest timeline. You are also placed into my crystal cocoon for extra healing. Anything is possible in the quantum.

Pleiadian Queen Mother & Master Merlin Healing and Clearing of the Ego

$100 for 1 Hour session

Master Merlin has always been by my side when I need him. He has provided me with so much guidance and tools. He has now gifted me a way to help those who are struggling with their ego mind. If you don't know much about the ego, it was something created to help the human feel safe, protected, accepted or loved. It is not the true mind; it is the mind that was created to participate in the controlled 3D reality matrix system. Long story short, it gets in the way of you truly hearing yourself and believing yourself. Especially if you are new in your awakening and starting to learn to tap into your gifts and intuition. The ego mind isn't really needed anymore. On the New Earth with these new energies, especially being in the higher dimensions and densities we are living in Christ Consciousness. This energy supports unconditional love for all people, compassion for all, and unity mindset. We don't need the controlled mind anymore. We are free, and this healing will help you get to your freedom faster.

Yoga at Home

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Journey Experience


New Earth Healing Modality different from most quantum hypnotherapies.  This is a 1 to 2 hour zoom meeting where I take you on a journey. A light hypnosis meditation, this special service, you will be able to connect to your true self. Any questions that you have you will be able to ask, and receive what needs to be received. The Quantum field is all around us beyond what we can see with our physical eyes. The quantum field is in us, it is the all encompassing essence of this life, the energy of everything. Each session is completely different, each person receives the healing that their soul is needing and requesting. You get to discover your truth and heal all at once. Quantum healing sessions help to accelerate your healing/spiritual journey as blocks are removed in this healing space.

Pleiadian Queen Mother Counseling Services

$100.00 for a day (1 hour intuitive guidance)
$ 970.00  month 30 day coaching $1270.00 For all Healings and 30 day coaching

If you need help for one day or if you would like a coach to help guide you through a special life journey. We will discover what is needed for you in our first meeting. I am here for you to help you understand where you are in life, what it is you want to do etc. Whatever you need, coaching within your spiritual journey. Sometimes we need people who have walked that path before to help us. If you have read "My Journey", that should give you some insight into what I have been through and overcame. To be able to serve the collective is beyond amazing. Let's talk!! Let's discuss!! Let's plan for you! I have several options available.


Pleiadian Queen Mother & Goddess Lakshmi Quantum Abundance Block Removal

$100 for 1 Hour session

Diwali has been a blessing for me. If you follow me on Instagram @thelighthouse333, I explain how I have received this added healing. This healing is specifically for abundance block removal. I go with Goddess/Mother Lakshmi to this space where the blocks are living. We call everything out from the dark and healing it and remove it, we then reinforce the space with healing and clearing and purification, with the help of the dragons, Yeshua, and Angelic Realm, and the Unicorns. Then the process moves forward with me healing the timelines, and incorporating this new energy into your field and grounding in your most abundant timeline.


Remote Quantum Animal/Pet healing

$100.00 per hour

Do You have a pet, or animal that you are taking care of that is not well?
Please contact me and receive a healing for that animal/pet or message for that animal/pet. I would need to see the animal or a picture. If not it is ok if you have a connection with the animal/pet that will be enough.

Crossing Over Assistance

$100.00 per hour

Do you have a member who is crossing over and they are having a hard time letting go, or you or others are having a hard time letting go? What this may mean, is there are feelings of guilt, resentment, fear, unhealed traumas between everyone involved? Would you like to clear this to help the person cross over? Or did someone already cross over but you know they haven't made it to the light, that they are stuck in the realms. Would you like me to contact them and help them heal and cross over?  This service is broad, the initial consultation will help you to understand the process.

Boats in the Water
Buying a House

Quantum Home Clearing and Protection

$100.00 per hour

Clear your home (or other space) of unwanted energy and entities. Then a protection is provided. All is done in the quantum, remotely. Every clearing and protection is dependent upon your guides and others that come to help.

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