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Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Source Channeled through Sananda/Yeshua/Esu/Sanat Kumara-

We are coming to you today as one Source Creator to talk to you about 2023 as you wished to know. This is the year of magic or turmoil. Those of low vibration will show themselves, as those of high vibration will show themselves.

Don't waste time enduring pain and suffering with those who are low vibration. You have been through many healings and trainings and lessons in these past years. You know how to have empathy and compassion without holding on to and joining the low frequency. You must remember your trainings and lessons. You must practice your discernment. Where are you spending your energy? Where is your mental energy? Where is your emotional energy? Where is your physical energy? There is no need to fight or argue with those who have different views... correct?

You are here fighting for yourself and your freedom to be yourself. You are creating the reality that you want to see in the world. If one or two people are constantly at war with you and how you see the world, what is the point of pushing them to see your way? Live and let live. Be and let be. Karma is constantly watching, Karma is constantly at play.

If you need to learn that lesson again, you will learn it, if they need to learn that lesson, they will learn it. If they are to be here in the dark in the opposition of you then let them be there, see them for who they are and learn and love and let go.

This is a sensitive time for all of you beautiful healers, light workers, holders of the Christ Light. You want to help everyone, this is true and this is a good thing, but you will need to honor yourself more. Holding your boundaries, having discernment on how to deal with certain people, whom to work with, and what protection protocols you need to be using. This is what you have been going through the depths of change for.

You needed to be the one in charge of your life and what decisions you make in and for yourself.

2023 is the most magical time for all who are awakened and working with all the knowledge they have already received and working with the new information coming in and opening up in their DNA. This is another use for discernment, the information that you receive believe it. Be careful asking others to confirm. Just wait on the universe to confirm, it will happen and it will be in due time. With the many energies and many vibrations and frequencies all living here at once, that is the type of people you will be around awakened souls and un-wakened souls. What we are trying to say is not everyone will be on the same level of understanding, so believe what comes to you. Some awakened folk are still holding on to the A.I. Egoic Mind, and therefore can't be trusted with your information that your soul has provided you.

We are just trying to help give you confidence in yourself and your connection, if you have it and you are fully aware of who you are. If you are struggling with who you are, who your guides are, what messages you are actually receiving than you must reach out for help. This is not a time to dilly dally in confusion, but to be strong in who you are. This is why 2023 can be fully magical or full turmoil.

Will you continue on the path of the Old Earth Teaching? Will you forget your sovereignty you fought so hard for last year? Will you resort back to your old ways because you can't figure it out yet? Going inward for answers, going with the flow of your soul? Will you continue on the path of the past or the path of the now? Are you really looking at your life? These are the hard questions you must ask. You must put yourself in check and balance. You must learn what you need to learn, ask the universe to show you, ask the universe all the questions you have... don't hold back... if you do then you will always be right there where you are. Wondering how do people do it? How do they know? How do they trust? It comes to those who seek it. We are asking you to seek it. Now.

We are always here listening and ready, but only when you are. WE love you and we leave you now with the one Source Creator Divine One you are.

The future of New Earth is in your Heart.

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