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Ancient Karma

Now in 2024 I find myself looking back at 2023 and a collective clearing I did. I was called to do a lot of earthwork, and a lot of work within the collective. The memories and the collective karma that we have with Lemuria, Atlantis, and Egyptian timelines is the focus here. I have the ability to clear karma and I can clear the karma of big groups. A collective healing was done for karma between everyone’s now timeline, and their past life or lives timelines with Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. It was done on a collective level but there are some people that still need work done individually as everyone has their own tether, their own connection to those times of the past. They may have really deep rooted or intricate dealings with those timelines that are still affecting them now that my collective healing was not able to fully clear. In all of these timelines, we have past experiences of drowning, losing our home, our family, losing our land, the destruction of Atlantis, and sinking of Lemuria. These are physical experiences affecting us in our current life. There are actual curses, hex, and spells that were placed upon some of us by many witches and warlocks and dark beings that were dealing with those of us who were a light in those timelines. Also there are some of us who were the dark in those timelines, and maybe you’re dealing with the guilt of doing those things and wanting to undo the curses, hexes and spells. These timelines that I am talking about can affect us in our current space-time reality due to the fact that all of our relationships that were having right now are all tied to the same timelines. All of the people that we will be working with are tied to those same timelines. We are either going to have really hard experiences with all of these people because the karma is very deep and rough or we will have smooth sailing with all of these people if we clear the karma and curses hexes and spells. I cleared collectively, the major energies of the curses/karma for the Lemuria, Atlantis and Egyptian times, but individually you may have something that you’re dealing with that is tied to those timelines. Whether it be karma or curses, hexes and spells. Maybe you were the perpetrator or the victim, and of course we have all of the other blockages from those timelines of persecution, abandonment, and fear. Which there are many fears you may be holding on to.


Fear of your own power

Fear of others in power/authority

Fear of magic

Fear of doing magic

Fear of the opposite or same sex

Fear of water

Fear of being alone

Fear of community

Fear of war

Fear of speaking your truth or just speaking

Fear of betrayal

Fear of love

A lot of these fears of are coming from these timelines, depending upon what role (s) you played. This major clearing that I did for the collective, a lot of you last year, felt some greater relief and more openess to your Lemurian, Atlantean and Egyptian timelines. Those of you who still don't know much about your experience in those timelines it's ok. If you are having a lot of conflict with family and friends and people that you meet in the spiritual community, that's a sign you would benefit from a clearing. Here are some examples below-

  1. Family- all family has conflict/ secrets/ abusive relationships- which is here for you to clear indefinitely, to help the New Earth energy

  2. Romantic relationships you stay in when you should leave because of many reason and for some reason you stay

  3. They create conflict with you or within you, for example they just rub you the wrong way, you can't stand them.....

Those examples are all signs that those particular people are from those timelines with whom you have some type of karmic relationship with. You are together here for a lesson, so if you haven’t learned your lesson you’re going to keep repeating the cycle. If you have understood the lesson, but you’re struggling to get through it, then a clearing would also help. A lot of you who want to connect more to those timelines in a loving way, in an appreciative way (instead of the fear or whatever else is blocking your connection), then you might need to have a clearing done for yourself as well.

This message was to help you pin point whether or not you are aware of any timelines. Also, if you know about your experience in these time lines and you were looking for someone who could help you. ;)

We are in a time of major shifting and a lot is coming up from within you to be analyzed and cleared and loved. I pray it isn't to rough for you, that's why I am sharing this information. It may be a what you need at this time.

I really hope this made sense and I can talk more about it in person. If you would like to send me a message, give me a call, send me an email. Thank you for reading all the way through. I want you to know you are love and you are loved, and you are so important and so needed and necessary in this space-time, now moment. I ask that you continue to work on yourself and the love that you have for yourself, and the love that you have for your life, because we need you. We need your love. We need your light. You are so important. Namaste

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