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Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Hello, and Happy New Year to you!!

This is my first blog of the new year 2022. I am praying that you are all feeling your best this new year. It hasn't been easy for me I have been feeling unwell and I have been receiving so many changes to my DNA, my ascension symptoms are just on high. If you don't know or understand I have a quick read about ascension you can learn from there, and so many other sources on-line. The light entering the planet has been strong and changing. Earth has moved into a new phase. You will see the difference for sure this year!!

I have been receiving many messages and this one I had to hurry and blog. It is a message about approval. Are you really living a life where you are not seeking approval of others? Are you really living for the approval of yourself?

The ultimate love for yourself, is seeking approval of self and no one else. Once you are living for your truth, your innate or intuitive guidance, and no care for outside approval this is the ultimate love. What is the importance of seeking self-approval? I can tell you that it has everything to do with everything. It is actually harder for me to write all that I heard myself say... but here goes. When you are living for yourself and your self-approval, you are ultimately on your spiritual journey. The awakening of your truth. You will find, the healing that you need, you will find the friends and helpers and lover you desire. You will be on such a path of self-discovery, and healing, and growth. If this is your focus Self-approval, that is your awakening. You may have awakenings many times in your life.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if everyone sought out themselves vs what the world wanted? I saw it as people walking the streets with smiles on their faces and there was a white and golden glow around all people. If everyone was walking on this planet with a smile on their face, and full love in their hearts (because self-approval is the ultimate love), the vibration and frequency on the planet will be that of nothing but joy, love, and bliss. There would be heaven on Earth, just as planned. They say that the human is the bridge between heaven and Earth. Some people don't understand that this change literally is reliant on the individual. I say this all the time, people who know me, that have followed me, "I am starting with the man in the mirror". That's right Michael Jackson said it long ago and it seemed like a nice song for a specific person, but it was a call to action for each person to wake up. It is you who you see in the mirror that causes the change. Loving who you see in the mirror. Making that person important, not the mother, father, sister, friends, brothers, uncles, aunts, and grandparents. I must add in here, not living for your lightworker friends, some people are trying to prove to other lightworkers and healers that they are "xyz", looking for approval there. Stop it. That is not what anyone wants. Your journey is your journey and it may take you somewhere so far out of left field, you would never see it coming following approval of another lightworker/healer.

We grew up with this idea that we are here to please others, make others happy, then after a long or short run in life, as an adult we realize how unhappy we really are. We were never taught to seek ourselves. We were never taught that our love for self is the only thing that should matter when making life's decisions. That all the answers we seek for a happy life is within us.

They say these new generation of children are rule breakers, and game changers, that's because they don't care about anything else but seeking what is true for them. The new generation is the already evolved being, knowing they are God source, powerful, important, and need to follow their heart's dreams and goals, not approval from others.

Some parents who are stuck in the old paradigm think that they are horrible parents, that they failed, and only care about their reputation with the rest of their family and friends. They worry about their approval of those people that they hurt their children trying to control them, and change what they think isn't right. Are you a parent that feels this way? Children have come in all knowing. We don't want to dumb them down; we don't want to hurt them and make them feel bad for wanting to be themselves. We want to encourage them; we also need to learn from them. They are here as teachers as well. We can't go on parenting the same way our parents parented us. These children have no fear so you can't fear a child into being whatever you want. This is a wonderful thing for all of us, for the collective, for Mother Earth.

So, I think I was clear, I think I went a little bit out there, but it all has to do with the subject of approval. And I am also not 100% feeling well and I am still trying to get this all together to make sense. Does this make sense to you? I hope it does. It is not saying that you need to be selfish and hard to bend for whatever reason. It is just a change of focus and perspective, as to what is it that helps you make decisions in life. Are you choosing for yourself or others? It is very hard to be honest with yourself when thinking about this. First remember everyone has this experience of realization, you are not alone. Don't hate yourself for being "stupid" or "dumb" we were all brainwashed, we didn't see this coming, it was in place for a long time. Forgive yourself and move forward!

You have a friend, healer and coach in me so you can reach out to me if you are just having a hard time with all of this.

I love you; you are love, you are loved. All is well in the world, and all is divine and in divine timing.

You are important, you are a master of your life and a master in this world, you are special, you are designed for greatness, you are a blessing to yourself and others. You matter and you matter most!

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