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You Are an Artist

You are a creator creating.

You are here to create art.

We are here to create this art in many forms:

words, drawings, paintings, buildings, food, drinks, clothing, hairstyles, makeup, sounds of voices, sounds of instruments, businesses, homes, styles of teaching, ways of helping, increase laughter, and increase immunity. There are so many ways for you to create art I might have missed a few forgive me.

We are here creating new consciousness with each breath did you know? Within each breath is a thought, breathing in and breathing out, you have a thought. That now moment in life you are creator. You are creator with each breath. Your soul is evolving, that’s why you came to this Earth. You came so your soul could evolv to a new consciousness, to a new understanding and a new innerstanding. You came here with a mission so hardcore, it was too Hard to provide all the details at once, so you opted out to forget, and to then slowly remember via your awakening.

You are here to help Mother Earth evolve with each breath. You are bringing in new consciousness with each breath. You are waiting for Jesus to come and take his loyal people…that’s very sad, there are countries that ban Jesus’s teachings…so what about those innocent souls? What about tribes of people who have their own beliefs, which no one is allowed to interrupt? They are innocent not breaking God’s laws. They won’t know Jesus. So it will be a very long time before He can come here and take only His people. Why am I going here? These are the thoughts of people, that it’