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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Hello, I am happy that you had the feeling to stop by and read this in its entirety.

What is freedom?

We can see freedom when looking in nature. Here is a picture of butterflies in a field of flowers. Everything in this picture is life, everything is living, and everything here is free. They are completely free to do as they please. I used to wonder how anything knows what to do when they don't have a human brain. It turns out that their freedom is part of their knowing. They follow cues from the universe. Their own intuition. Their sixth sense. When it's time for procreation, eating, and sleeping, their body sends them the cue.

So let me tell you something about freedom for the Human Being. It all started with a conversation I had last night with my cousin, she had a message from the universe telling her, "don't wait". She began to tell me that she had a thought about "if I want to call someone and get ice cream, just call someone and get ice cream with them. Don't wonder if they say no or anything, just do it". This one sentence led to all of this I am about to spill.

So are you ready to know what freedom really is?

Freedom is doing as the universe cues, your intuition cues, and your body cues, you. Just as the butterflies and flowers in the picture above. This is so hard for many people, it's hard isn't it..... JUST DO AND BE AND FOLLOW MY INTUITION, THE UNIVERSE WITHOUT QUESTION??!!!! (YES)

So, let me tell you more. We were controlled for so long, the powers that be, controlled us by way of our thoughts. They were in our heads, our beliefs, in our lives, and they still are technically, because of technology they are still suggesting things we need to believe, or buy, or do to our body......(let's not forget that one)

So, I want to tell you, that you are in a new year, we are breaking out of the control system. Many people are already out of it, many of us are out and having a hard time, or still getting used to it. We have our thoughts back! Our own thoughts. This is where the power is, our thoughts. Let me explain further.

Our thoughts create an emotion in us, every emotion is attached to a system in our body and hormones. The body reacted to the hormones and systems, then you have the action you take according to the body reaction. Which creates a great day or a bad day for you. A healthy life or a not so healthy life for you. Welcome to your freedom. Get used to it, the universe is counting on you.

More about thoughts, the universal cues or the sixth sense, better understood as intuition. Having your pure thoughts and intuition as your guide through this life, leads to a life of freedom for the human being. What a lot of people are doing (I am a prime example I am speaking from experience) when they have these thoughts, sometimes, the old habit of the ego pops up, trying to make logic of something, or save you from something.

Here is an example: I already had coffee, I was told too much coffee is bad, but I had an amazing thought it made me happy, "go to Starbucks and taste the new flavor", it feels good and I want to do it, but then a voice comes in "what! you already had coffee, you don't need more, stay home it's not good". That voice was my ego, and if I listen to it, I take away a piece of joy that I just was feeling. Who knows why I am meant to go to Starbucks, maybe to meet someone or spread my love "light" to the people there. We won't know unless I take the action, right, but I stopped the action. A lot of you reading this have experienced great joy following your intuition. You stopped someone from getting hurt, you got a good deal, or won something following your "gut" or intuition, thought, or body cue without question. Remember what that felt like!

All of our pure thoughts, intuition, body ques are all tied to your higher self, the universe, God. We are all connected by invisible energy, that comes in the form of thought, intuition, body cues. We are in constant communication, we are always guided, we are always protected. If you know how to tap into it and trust it. Like a great spider web of beautiful colors and vibrations being carried from string to string. We follow the cues as the spider does to know where to go and what to do. They knew how we operat

ed, and they used it against us, they hid it from us. But the Universe all around us and in us had been fighting to show us the truth. Now is the greatest time in your lives. Trust yourselves as the butterflies do. Trust yourselves as the flowers do.

I didn't write this for you to be upset, I wrote this to empower you with truth and understanding.

It is extremely hard to write all that I want to without going too far out of understanding, not everyone is ready or can comprehend the energy of everything. Keep coming back to this, keep reading this until you understand, take notes from this. Share this, have conversations with this. Breaking free from this old paradigm of control is so freeing, so liberating, so YOU!!!!!!!!!

I love you please feel free to contact me as your cues tell you!!!!

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