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The message I received yesterday so far has been repeated by many. I didn’t get a chance to post it yesterday so I am making sure it is out to the universe now!!! I could preach all day and tell you not to argue with another but what will that do? If someone has an argument with another person, they will be able to see themselves in another light. They will be able to learn something in that argument, they will be able to learn a lesson, the will eventually get to the point that they need to be at. The point I was trying to preach all day, not to argue with others.

The point given to me in my message is that I can't save everyone, I am not here to do this, nor are you. You are here to save yourself, you are here to be the example for your neighbors. That is true love. Not judging them, not preaching on them about what to do, how to live. They have to have their own experience. They say that the wise learn from others experiences. The problem of using that anecdote in this current time in the world, is that these human beings are all wise, divine beings already. They came here with their plan, with their divine timing. We can only be an example and let the universe work its magic.

So I can’t try to save everyone and tell anyone what to do with their life. As a Pleiadian Mother, I do want shout from the rooftops and tell the world what they need to hear, what they need to know, and what they need to do. How many children listen to their parents when they are shouting? They just get sad that their parents are mad at them they end up feeling hurt. The older they are, they think their parents don't know anything, their parents don't want them to be who they are. Those older children rebel hard, and have to learn their lessons an even harder way. Parents have to lead by example. Wouldn't you say that's so. Whatever you do your children will do. This is a very hard lesson. The way you speak to others, what you talk about, how you behave, your children become all of that. So be a better example.