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The War

Updated: Nov 10, 2022


Happy March to everyone!

I wanted to do a newsletter but instead I am creating this blog and sending this message out to everyone.

There is a war, and yes, it is a spiritual one. Again, I am here writing about war. This time it is in this physical reality. If you participate in this reality this is what you are seeing, a war. If you live in America, you fear that America will go to war. If you follow me and watch my Instagram lives, or my Facebook lives, or any of my YouTube videos, you will know I said these things before. It never hurts repeating, especially in a time like this one.

The month of February was a mastery month. We received really strong energy to help Mother Earth and all life here upgrade and change. Mother Earth is actually holding on to higher density and dimension. Then all of a sudden after the best day of all 02/22/2022 we have this war announced.

As many of you know there is a major shift on the planet called ascension. We are on this best timeline, and the beings who don't want the Earth to ascend, create diversions to stop or slow the process. One of the major tools used by the lower density/dimension is television, media, anything that provides "news".