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The War

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Happy March to everyone!

I wanted to do a newsletter but instead I am creating this blog and sending this message out to everyone.

There is a war, and yes, it is a spiritual one. Again, I am here writing about war. This time it is in this physical reality. If you participate in this reality this is what you are seeing, a war. If you live in America, you fear that America will go to war. If you follow me and watch my Instagram lives, or my Facebook lives, or any of my YouTube videos, you will know I said these things before. It never hurts repeating, especially in a time like this one.

The month of February was a mastery month. We received really strong energy to help Mother Earth and all life here upgrade and change. Mother Earth is actually holding on to higher density and dimension. Then all of a sudden after the best day of all 02/22/2022 we have this war announced.

As many of you know there is a major shift on the planet called ascension. We are on this best timeline, and the beings who don't want the Earth to ascend, create diversions to stop or slow the process. One of the major tools used by the lower density/dimension is television, media, anything that provides "news".

I have talked about this so much, "please turn the television or media providing news off". It is literally used to keep you in the lower dimension "loop". Meaning you see the news, you receive fear, worry, and always think "what will happen?". These thoughts then provide the reality of which they want you to have, a low dimension reality. One that is filled with war, hate, separation, and fear. It's like the infinity sign, this loop, only it's working against the greater good of humanity. There is another loop/infinity sign you can have in life, that's the one you create. You can have the life you want. You can have the future you want. If everyone does this, turns off the TV/Media, and works on their own infinity sign of life, it will change the course of the whole physical reality. We will see that there is peace, war stops, people work together for change, full disclosure/truth comes out, and everyone is happy and helping one another.

How can you create your own infinity loop? Spending time outside in nature, connecting to the elements of the planet, Mother Earth, you live on. She is not just your home, but we are like her "cells", we are part of her being. You will learn so much about her via connecting, and therefore know more about you, as living on her is your experience of who you are.

Journaling is another way to connect to yourself, all of your experiences will help you understand what it is that you want to see in your life and connecting to Mother will help you see what you want to see happen on this planet.

Meditation is a great way to connect to self and get to know what your soul wishes to experience. You will find all of your heart's desires and more through meditation. There are many ways to meditate. It takes time and practice to see what works for you. It also requires you to not judge the process. If you are hearing many thoughts in your head and you decide to stop, try not stopping, listen and write down all that came up. Get it out of the way, and keep going, silence isn't really the number one goal. If you want silence, then that's a whole other thing! You can practice your meditation with the goal to be silent in silence. Do your research and enjoy the process!

Have a routine to get your day started with your intentions, speak to your guides, angels, whomever you talk to, to have these intentions come to fruition according to the highest will and good. Knowing what you want is key, let me rephrase, knowing what YOU want is key. This is your life, your reality, and you are the key to the collective experience.

I had to add this piece, which I always talk about but just in case someone needs to know...

Imagination, use your imagination, daydream. This is the number 1 key to manifest anything. All things that come into fruition on this planet for your reality, for your experience, comes first in your imagination. Let's go into this a little bit. Someone tells you that there will be a hurricane, you start to panic and imagine the worst experience ever. You stress out so much and then the storm does come it's a horrible experience for you. Another person hears the news about a hurricane, doesn't do anything but bare minimum not worried, not thinking or imagining anything at all other than, "it's all good". It actually turns out all good for them. Daydreaming and imagining, is actually you working in the quantum realms creating whatever it is you want and depending on all aspects of your reality is when what you imagine comes to fruition. So please remember what it was like to be a child imagining and daydreaming and own it and do it. It's normal you do it all day working with negative thoughts being live streamed to you from all over.

For some people this doesn't feel right, it feels too easy, it feels like a foreign a concept. Some people might be feeling like this sounds like a movie, not real. Some people have been watching the news their whole life, and been through many dramas, and disasters, and they think this is normal, nothing they can do, watching the news is vital for their daily life. Some people just don't want to stop. Growing up we were taught current events, we had to watch the news and answer questions. If you knew the answers you were special, you got an "A". It was something we believed was important. So, there is conditioning that many people are fighting against. This message is for all people who resonate with this message. All people who want to change. All people who want to see a change, who want peace, who want an amazing future. This message is for you. If you read this and you don't think it applies to you its ok. All that matters is one person. If I was able to help one person get out of the low dimensional loop.

You are love, you are loved. You are an amazing being of love and light, you are needed here, you are a blessing for yourself and others. You are important. Your life matters. You are creator/God/Source, you are change, you are Mother Earth, you are the I am that I am PERIOD!

Please share this. Please don't keep this to yourself.

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