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Channeling Commander Ashtar of the Galactic Federation

I am Commander Ashtar of the Galactic Federation of Light. I come to you today from this beautiful being of love light. Who, like so many, struggle everyday with dealing with those who are sleeping. This polarity is the last major polarity experience. Learn from it rather than despise it and think it a struggle. Understand that, no matter what,

you are the light. When you get into conversations about the news (anything of low vibration) close your eyes and imagine your light clearing and transmuting those negative thoughts. It may even be able to stop the conversation. That’s your power. Learning others perspectives is part of the plan. So no matter what is going on always keep love in your heart and mind. You are all the way showers, you are all examples. You will also help to open their hearts in understanding extraterrestrial life. There will be moments for you to pop in your opinion, and no matter if they look at you crazy, that thought is expanding their conscious awakening. I am not saying you’re responsible for this change. I am saying be brave in your conversations. Because disclosure is here and seeing your friends and family from other planets and galaxies will happen. There is no doubt about it.

This is Commander Ashtar, I leave you in the love and the light of the one creator. I leave you in the presence of this beautiful being who has been hard at work in saving the planet. If there is anything else to add, it's trust yourself like this beautiful being has learned to do. Keep being the love and the light as you have been doing. Never dim your light. I will see you again.

For all who are reading this I have had many experiences with Commander Ashtar. It was only this month, where I came to a realization, that I am apart of the brotherhood/sisterhood of light (it took me a while but all light workers are lol). I was actually being pulled in one night to a download, but my daughter kept waking me up from my meditation. I was being told "don't be afraid you were here before, the brotherhood of the light is your family". I was walking into a white light, lit up pyramid and I couldn't continue. I probably did many times before and after that experience. When it comes to Commander Ashtar, recently he has been showing up in my meditations when I am healing the Earth. On 10/10 I started just speaking my intentions for Mother Earth and going into a light meditation, I was immediately pulled into a ship with Commander Ashtar I was fighting against the reptilians who were based in the South Pole. We were killing them with light, I was speaking to them telepathically, explaining that their plans will bare no fruit, that this was nonsensical, and that they were serving the wrong idea. They were stunned with the love that I had for them. After all the fighting, Commander Asthar had a long talk with me. I was advised to spend some time on the medbed, and I was returned to myself in my meditation.

The next day, which was 10/11/2021, I had signed up a couple weeks prior to April Elizabeth's free zoom meeting. Where we were going to fight the Reps together...never knowing I was going to fight on 10/10, I still attended the meeting as it was my first time listening to her live. So I said well, "I will stay and see how working with another human being in this type of fight goes". I stayed, and I was amazed at the plays she was making, they were all good, then she called to the South Pole. She stated there weren't many reps there... I was like.... "It's because we were there!!" in my head...I forgot to mention earlier I put a seal on the entry way to the base with the others on the ship...with April we went into the base, it was wonderful, I won't go into detail what was going on there, you can check her site out if she spoke about it. It was a great experience traveling with her because I was a step a head of whatever she was saying so I knew we were really working together. It was great, I know I should be saying it was terrifying, fighting ugly things... called Reptilians. In all honesty, I am getting used to seeing being that don't look like me. We are not the only ones here.

We have to understand, that our looks are not the final look of creation. There are many, and on earth we actually can see a lot of the looks. All the animals and insects are upright walking, running, and living beings in other planets and galaxies. The same way we can telepathically talk to these animals, we can talk to our friends or "enemies".

I love fighting for this planet. A lot of people don't feel the same way I do. People love to fight for this planet in so many ways. It's not just the fact that it's our current home. It's the fact that Mother Earth is a living being who doesn't deserve to be turned into rubble. She has given

us so much, so far, and we haven't even scratched the surface of the wonders of living here yet.

Heaven on Earth is the goal, the Golden Ages, the Golden Era, Peace on Earth, and the Age of Aquarius in full effect. THE EVOLUTION OF HUMANITY. This is what Mother Earth deserves.

I don't wish to fight anymore, but if I am called to, if I am pulled into it....which this isn't my first time being PULLED into a battle/healing... I will accept all calls...

I love you beautiful child of God, may the love and the light always shine on you.


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