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Updated: Sep 22, 2021

So, it's really hard to explain what happens in my healings. A lot happens. So much sometimes I forget some tiny details. First off I have to have open conversations with my clients. They have to be willing to tell me everything. I won't judge anyone! I know all too much about the past and how sad, scary, horrible it can be. I know that most people don't want to talk about their past because they think that because they have changed the past doesn't matter. But it does, especially in this healing. I am going to your past, all the way to the womb of your mom, where you lived for 10 months of your life. So what does it mean I go to the womb. I will try to give you an explanation. So before I journey, I have my conversation with you, I then get a good understanding of you intentions and what needs to be healed. I request that you go into prayer of what your intentions for healing are, and advise your guides/God that you give me permission to meet with your inner child. Once your prayer is done, then I go into prayer, I ask that all of you needs and intentions for the healing is met beyond measure. Then, I go in, this means I start my meditation, that's right you don't need to be there. I go in to the quantum, as my soul Pleiadian Mother, I speak that I am meeting with your inner child, and I am taken to your inner child. The location is never the same, the time is never the same, nothing is ever the same. I can't tell you what I will experience for you. In some cases there have been curses, ancestral curses, dark entities like boars, witches, dragons, darkness that tries to take over "the scene'. I have to do some things and call on other lights and Jesus or Mother/Father God, to help, every case it's completely different. We clear all the negative out then I can go and work more on your inner child, I ask the inner child questions, I provide whatever love the inner child needs, if the child needs male aspects I call in some male figures to provide the love that is needed. Then I go the a scene where the mother of the client is pregnant with said client. I go into the womb there, (myself travels into the womb like a dark circle, it's usually dark, so far no moms have have bright wombs) I can find if the mother disliked being pregnant, had fear, whatever the case is. There may even be a case where the mother wished she was having a boy instead of a girl or vs versa. Even this the mom thinks the baby looks ugly or not like her child.... like it's someone else's baby. So these are things that I end up clearing. And there is so much more !! I just can't possible get to everything in this one blog! But with all that has happened, with all of my past healings, I was guided to raise my price. I am doing some really deep work here, where others just can't reach, and after a healing, people's lives change immediately. Their soul purpose is revealed to them, the love and light flows so easily with them, there's no more depression or anxiety. This is massive!! So I have to raise my prices, and I do want to let you know that having a payment plan if necessary is available to you, just talk to me sincerely, I will understand!

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