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Updated: Sep 22, 2021

So this message may not apply to all who read it. It is only for those which this resonates with. I have been seeing a lot of doom and gloom message, videos about what will happen. What will happen in the coming days ahead, during the full moon, before the month is over? I still don't know. The wind, who calls me "sister", and I call her "sister wind", has been telling me to keep in contact. I asked her "why can't I get a clear understanding of what is coming?". She responded saying, that nothing is set in stone, there are so many parts at play. She also stated that they can't mess with our free will. She advised me to please be ready, and to be ready for a call. So something is happening. I recieved a message in the early morning, around 4 am, this is like a test. Essentially we are still being tested, all that we have learned and acoomplished in our spiritual selves, in our understanding, and innerstanding. Are we going to be the old paradigm selves or our newly upgraded, new paradigm selves. We must march on forward in this battle that we are in, on Earth, in the cosmos, and the unseen. How is this march forward? In yourself, to be your highest self. To be heart centered, to be focused on love and love alone, to be the christ consciousness embodied. To be the I AM. This is what we need right now. We control the reality NO ONE ELSE. They might have found some weak spots, or created some weak spots, where people get lowered vibrationally. I am asking you to wake up, realize this, it is only a test. What have you learned? You have quantum DNA which was taken from God, all knowing, creator, the I AM. You will help bring us forward in our march to freedom. The New Earth is here, let's not waste another moment falling into traps of despair, the light has won, and will continue on! I love you!

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