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Yeshura (me) I came here today to tell you "thank you for all you've done". I am here to tell the collective "thank you for all you've done". Please take a break from thinking you have to fix me or help me in that way of fixing. I am ok, I am going through the process of change. Although it may feel painful for you, I am ok. Please spend more time with me in nature, outside, not just in your hearts. The land needs you, the animals need you, they need your love and light. They need to connect with the love and the light. They need your connection and love. Here you will find the strength, here you will find the love. This love already in you being re-awakened. My love for you, my strength for you, my healing for you, and your deeper connection to me. Let's just commune now. Don't worry about me anymore. Thank me, yes, be with me, yes. This is more of what I want. I don't want people feeling sorry and scared for me anymore. The tide has turned, the change is occurring. It is now time to behave as if I am here with you as the New Earth, you see and believe is here or is to come. This is the rise in consciousness that is so very needed. I love you, I thank you, The worst is over. Be at peace dear ones and celebrate your new days ahead, today. I love you.

I hope this message makes sense. I am not sure how everyone is feeling about Planet Earth or Mother Gaia....but this message is sounding like many people have been crying for her... and fearing what is to come of her. I feel safe to say all is well. Let's celebrate and bring in this consciousness to all. Time to solidify what we believe. New Earth is here... or on its way so to say because she said she is changing. We have been witnessing so much with what is happening fires, floods, and other types of storms. Things being talked about that really an issue right now...she didn't mention it. We can all do better with our daily habits of course as to how to keep her clean. But we need to connect to her via being out in nature with all living life from plants to animals. Our connection with them by way of our love light being shared to them is helping them to ascend. All living things want to ascend the dirt the rocks. ALL LIVING THINGS. They are ready to learn their lessons or receive love, share a connection, something. We won't know until we do it. Let's all work more on spending time with Gaia. I know we can do it!

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