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I would like you to watch my Instagram live videos. I don't go into detail about my healing process. What I do press upon is the gauge you have to see where you are in your healing. The relationship you have with yourself, with others, and romantic relationships. If you are lacking relationships, or they are all rocky or they are not full and loving you have more work to do. If you are still doing the blame game, if you are still sad and mad about your life, and feel like it's all their fault, or you were given a bad hand, and you can't turn things around, these are all thoughts that tell you that healing needs to be done. It's scary to think that you are not perfect or that your life still needs work... it's scary because you will actually be happy for once and for real and lastingly happy, whereas you were conditioned to be happy or consider your life normal with all the pain. I hope you are able to watch this video. I hope you are able to see this for yourself, that you are at a state of being so proud of yourself for your healing and for your journey. You are doing this not only for you but the generations that passed and the generations to come.

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