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Hello beautiful being, reading this message. I hope you are doing well. I am Pleiadian Mother (Reshma). I needed to come on here to talk a bit about the new healing. This healing was divinely remembered. This is something everyone has access to it doesn't matter what you believe in. As you know all religions stem from one place. They are just different aspects of God Source, the many dieties and the singular. We are essentially one. We are one being. We are all pieces of one puzzle of God Source, Divine Creator, The I AM. Everyone here on Earth has many lifetimes of experience, NO one's experience is better or worse then the other. All person's experience is and is just. This doesn't take away from the fact that human experience doesn't feel nice all the time. Many of you were hurt... hell....I came here to be hurt to heal it. Why did I choose such a crap life to begin with, if I had a choice...? Well no matter what I am proud of the choice that I made, being in this avatar of Reshma is a wonderful experience. Her life experience is very helpful in understanding other human beings. Experience is so important you see. There is no better way, to be able to say "I understand", "I feel you on that". "I felt that same pain love", this is genuine when she speaks it. The clients know and trust her because of her care to be genuine. I am so proud of our life together, me and this avatar Reshma. She is able to connect with her clients and hopefully they tell her everything, that is key, don't hold back getting all the truth out in the beginning, is how she can better assist you. Once that is done our work begins in the quantum, but I can't say that, the work was always happening in the quantum, we just needed the time lines of meeting to match up to get things actually happening in the Earth plane. We journey to to the quantum and reach your inner child, we comfort, we go to the womb and find reasons, find answers, we heal you from your spark of exisitance and all of you timelines. We work to remove blocks, curses, any attachments to time lines past that no longer serve you. We do all this for you, Pleiadian Mother love runs deep in her veins. She is the Mother, she loves her children. She wishes only the best for you, we don't know how to express this any further. She cries for you, she loves you and Mother Earth Gaia (Terra, Sophia, Pachamama). She can only do so much to express her love. We hope you understand the power behind her, Pleiadian Mother. I love you my dear child, you are love, you are loved, you are meant for great things nothing less, you are here in this current space and time for a reason only you know. And If you don't please reach out to someone, anyone you feel comfortable with to dig deep into your soul for answers. I love you-Pleiadian Mother

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