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We are living during a special time on Earth, the planet is ascending to a higher dimensional frequency. We are entering into the 5th dimension from the 3rd dimensional matrix. The Earth is receiving light, energy and frequencies in waves all around the planet. They are causing us to have side effects like, head aches, sinus pressure, heart palpatations and pressure in the heart chakra area, ringing in the ears, joint and body pains, and these are just to name a few. Women (aren't talking about this) are experiencing changes in vaginal fluid. I know it's A LOT... and some people who are not aware of this process are running to the doctor with so many concerns that something is wrong with them, or afraid it's a new covid..... What is happening is the New Earth is only going to be able to keep people who resonate on the same level. So your body is changing on a cellular level to be able to stand on this New Earth. If you want to be here when the Earth is finally 5D, you must keep your intentions to be here, and you must grow spiritually to handle this New Earth. You must grow spiritually because 5D Earth is also bringing 4th density consciousness, a NEW CONSCIOUSNESS, the Christ Consciousness and Mahatma Consciousness, these consciousness are LOVE, UNITY and COMPASSION for all beings. The knowing that you are God or as I like to also say "a Fractal of God Source". This knowing helps everyone to love everyone unconditionally, have compassion for others, and know there is no separation between us and God and us period. We are all one just having different experiences of love. Love a great thing that is needed for heaven on Earth. It is here and now, if you believe it, if you want it you are helping to bring this all together and help mother Earth and all its people to ascend.

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