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02/20/2023 New Moon Channeling

"Ugly truth, you are not perfect, no one is. This is the time of purification, for you to alchemize that which you see as dirty, unclean, gross, ugly, hideous, unperfected in the eyes of society. Be that, let it go, heal it, accept it- the shadow seen and unseen. Cleanse it, move it in purification of acceptance, be all of it, be at peace. It is the way to heal and be purified.

If you keep hiding your shadow it will come, it will keep coming, up to you to see, see it in others, judge them, for their darkness you are not healed. See it in others, love them, you are healed. You have purified your soul. Loving all with compassion, with sense of unity and unconditional love, this is the alchemy, the purification. We are being purified and created whole.

You are divine, all aspects, all emotions, you are divine.

I am happy with my past

I am happy with my now moment

I am creating the most grand future

I am healed of all feelings of guilt, worry, depression, and fear

I accept that I have those feelings

I accept that they were temporary and had a purpose in my life

I am a creator and love and light

I am anchoring in love and light

I am the I am that is and So it is

Transmuting and healing the shadow is major action happening right now. We are all not perfect, we all play all the parts of the movie happening on this planet. We collectively choose this that we see and feel. We are in our last times of learning and purifying our souls to be fully embodied with all emotions. We are in our last times of learning experiences of being the victim or the victor. We are in the last times of learning to love our selves. Stop and take a breath and understand you are not alone in this journey. We came here to do a mighty big clean up on the human being. We are here to heal all that was created to hurt. We are here to recalibrate the human being. We are here to connect the human to the Earth, and to The Sky. We are here to overcome the mind that had taken control over us and bring back the heart/soul connection to this physical body. We are there to heal this space and time and dimension. This isn’t a small feat and sometimes I hurt like hell. This hurt is the attachment we have to the people, places, and things. We are learning to let go, truly let go, there is so much more, so much more, and so much more than just this, whatever is happening in your life.

I love you dear child, I want you to know that you are love, you are loved, you are a beautiful being of love and light and so necessary and so important in this now moment. You are a blessing to yourself and others. You are not an insignificant speck of dust in the vastness of space."

I was lucky enough to join a new moon circle virtually and have such a beautiful experience calling in this great channeling from source/self. I pray you are all doing well and are finding in your heart the freedom to understand/innerstand this message. Most people don't like to hear this type of message. They have done so much healing and can't believe that there is more to do. It will be done when it is done, you will know when it is done when you can live in peace with the collective. When you are one with the universe, and the planet you live on. When you are one with the collective, and have compassion for all these things, and unconditional love for all these things. We are cleansing millions of years of darkness, in this now moment in time to create Heaven on Earth.

WE knew we were taking this task on, before we were born into our physical/material vessel. We, who are healing, agreed to this work. We also have years of experience in healing. We are waking up to that every day, every hour, or even every minute with our downloads and uploads, and upgrades. With that being said, you are fully supported by those around you in the healing community and your guides/angelic team/galactic team.

I hope you can share this message with all whom you think would enjoy/need/use this message.

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