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You Have Found This Beacon of Light

Your Soul Has Guided You.

Welcome to The Lighthouse 333.  Whether this is your first visit to my site, or you’re a returning visitor, I’d like to thank you for believing. My name is Reshma, I am Pleiadian Queen Mother, here on Earth. Here to provide you with counsel, and healing. You have found the lighthouse of refuge while you were sailing through life. You are so very welcome to dock and step out on to the land, climb to the top of this lighthouse. Together we will shine light onto the open ocean of your life. Together we will get you on the boat and sailing again in the best direction needed. We are bringing you back to your true self, back to full love and acceptance. There is a beautiful future ready to be created for you, by you, let's get started. Below you see a subscribe form that is for my monthly newsletter

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Who Needs Healing? What are the benefits of working with Pleiadian Queen Mother?

You Are Here for A Reason, Don't Give Up.

"So, who really needs healing anyway?", the answer is simple, everyone needs healing. Unless you are a sage, guru, monk, or someone who has done all of the healing already and have become enlightened, most likely healing is needed. You traveled to my site for a reason. Don't give up on your reason. Don't give up on yourself. What kind of healing are you looking for? I offer healing your body of sickness, misalignment of all the body (mental, emotional, physical, astral, and etheric). I can help clear you from negative entities, or energy that isn't yours. If there are curses or hexes on you, I can remove them. Do you feel confused about your sexuality? Do you have gender confusion, I can help you heal that as well. I was sexually abused as a child and it caused many issues for me regarding sex, myself, my sexuality even. I healed all of it. I can help you as well. Childhood trauma in any form, all the way to the womb, is where I can go. I can help you reestablish a relationship with your inner child and heal the wounds you are holding still.   

Do you know that you have past lives? Do you know or understand your multidimensionality? This can have an effect on your current life, I can help heal past life trauma as well. I can help you reconnect with Mother Earth and the grid and magnetic field. I can also provide a good understanding to you about your path and help you call in your highest possible timeline (your best life experience).

The healing that I provide is done in the quantum field, it works multidimensionally, and puts your healing/awakening/ascension on the fast track, the universe will open up and all your dreams, your heart desires, can be fulfilled. If you are fighting a battle with disease I can help as much as I can to get to the bottom of why there is disease and clear all that I can in the quantum for you, and help you stay in the right mind set to heal. There is so much I can do for the living.

There is also one big thing I can do for those who have crossed over, I can help them if they are stuck in the astral realms, they didn't follow the light to heaven. I can help get them there. I will meet with them in the quantum and help them move on with their journey.

Maybe there is a soul stuck in your home, I can help to move them forward. That brings me to home/space clearing. I work in the quantum field to provide a clearing and protection for your home or space.

Let's not forget the animals in your life. If they are unwell, I can help. I love you and I hope this was a clear explanation of what I actually do here! If you just want someone to talk to and receive counsel, I am here for that as well, we can even get clarity on a subject with use of oracle cards, or I can channel the message straight from the source. Please utilize the chat button and get your questions answered.

The big disclaimer here: If you are wanting fast results you have to be willing to work with me, you have to have faith and understand that miracles do happen. These healings also require you to do some homework.

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My Journey

Everything In a Nutshell

My journey has been one wild ride. Growing up I was sexually abused, and I had many family issues. I was quite shy; I was psychic and telepathic, and I saw spirits/other dimensional beings. I had no one to talk to about these things. I had a weird experience of what it would be like to have my life force energy/soul removed from my body partially. I had UFO experiences as well and one of them the UFO was right above my head beaming its light on my sister and I. Why I am telling you all these things, is to let you know I will not judge or think oddly about your experiences. I have no place to judge. I have been through a lot to get to my peace that I have now. All of my healing from my childhood trauma was done by myself, with no counseling, just dealing with myself and my life experiences. Because I had no help with my spiritual gifts, as I got older, I came into Christianity (it helped me develop a daughter/father relationship which I really needed) and went hard into it, to the point where I believed all my gifts weren't of God, and I denied myself to be myself, doing this put me asleep. I became a person who followed the crowd, and I was living in the 3D reality Matrix, like most people. Just a couple years ago (2017/2018), I realized something was wrong with me. I had a great job, I found mister right and married and I had my daughter, BUT I was terrified! I was suffering from anxiety, and fear, everything bad that could happen I would think about it. I realized friends weren’t really my friends, people always asked me for help and I was giving all of me, not realizing I was taking their sadness and trauma home and in my soul. For some reason I started buying crystals, I started learning about chakras, I was meditating (or at least trying to) and I was searching for help from psychics. I found a chakra healer who helped me learn how to meditate and she cleared my blocked chakras and healed my broken aura. That was the start of my awakening! My life changed so fast I moved to South Carolina from Florida; it was created via my meditations. My family and I had to move so that my soul could grow, and mind you I had no idea that was the reason, I just knew we needed to move. All on my own again in a different state that is very religious and not many spiritual people close by, I meditated, I taught myself so many things, I bought online classes for spiritual growth. Then the Pandemic hit in 2019/2020. I started realizing I was a Pleiadian, there were so many things online about them and I started receiving channeled messages while I meditated. Then I meditated some more, and journaled, and channeled messages and heard these words that changed my life forever; “Pleiadian Mother”. I am Pleiadian Mother. I was here from the beginning of creation of Earth, I was here for creating the human being, I was here for teaching humans about the spirituality of Love. I am here to be the Pleiadian Mother on Earth now. So here we are. On my journey I found another Pleiadian Mother and I learned Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique, and I helped many people. Then I did much more healing of myself and journeying with myself, and working with other beautiful ladies, to discover a new healing modality, or a modality I remembered I can do! The Pleiadian Mother Remote Quantum Healings. It was a long journey for me. It doesn’t have to be for you! I am here for you, I love you so much, I am so happy you came to visit my site. I hope you find the strength and peace to continue to work with me and book a free consultation.

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"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"

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