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Lion's Gate Portal is Closing Down

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Hello, again! We meet to talk about this Lion's Gate but about it's end. It is 08/12/2021 and I am still having strong rining in my ears from since last night. Feels as though needles are piercing through to my inner brain or somtething. I have had a heavy heart since yesterday. That is the best way to describe it. My heart feels heavy like it will explode or stop, it's pretty scarey. I know what is going on thank God, I know! gAs I struggle to keep my head on right and my heart from exploding, I am greeted by amazing messages from my SiStarHood group of ladies. I am so happy to have them in my life. We have found eachother, we know that we knew eachother from before. We know we have a major purpose. And this Lion's Gate solidified so much. We came together to do a massive healing for Mother Gaia, we included the whole host of unicorns, all of our guides and all who work with us in the love and light, the white light brotherhood. We are so pleased to have done such a great thing during this Lion's Gate. We feel we created a great shift on this planet. We are forever grateful to our guides. We are forever grateful for the fact that we follow our hearts call and intuition and do what is being asked of us. We are so thankful for Mother Gaia wanting to ascend and bring back our ancient world and heaven on Earth. We are so thankful for community. This is a major feeling for us although we are spread across the planet we can meet and have a community. Now I wish to have a small community here in my current place. It feels unattainable due to the state being so religious, but maybe there is a place. If I can't create it myself it will be forced on by changes occuring soon. Changes are constant but I am referring to the split, the chaos that will come from the splitting of 3D Reality and 5D Reality. Mother Gaia will not support low density anymore, we are moving to parts of space that will assist Mother Earth as 5D planet. It will be so much light that their DNA was not upgraded to handle. So there is much going on out there and much going on inside of us. Then today I was hugging and kissing my daughter and realizing how much needs me. She needs me to be there fully for her. It was a cry for all children, and I just posted my heart away on facebook, telling parents to keep away from the drama, tv, news etc, just love on your children, to act like they were just born. Look at them as the innocent souls that they are... they are being pushed and pulled according to you the parent. With all that is happening we have to be there for our children they exsist, they are having an experience to. The worst part is school starting back here and the issues of what will be taught came up in my soul, that if parents are not happy with curriculum they need to take their child out of the school. Certain topics do not need to be discussed with your children in school. So please stand up for your child. So much is happening, just know we are all trying our best and we are all human and we can make mistakes while we are experiencing so much. Forgive yourself and others, stay in your heart space, stay in the now. This is all that matters. I love you!

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