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I am Sananda of Christ Consciousness, the higher self of Jesus/Yeshua. This message is about Christ Consciousness. This consciousness is here on the planet, please pray for the collective that are awakening to receive the Christ Consciousness into their heart. Their heart be a beautiful flowering lotus, giving and receiving Christ Consciousness. All who work with the love and the light please know that your work is creating the change needed. Your work is working, your work matters. You are there working on the planet and therefore you must do this work as you are a part of that collective. Being in the flow of Christ Consciousness, being in the action of Christ Consciousness, being in the know of Christ Consciousness, is a very important part of you work as a light worker. You are all working on so many things and aspects of light work and healing moving forward in your journey. It seems as though some focus has been lost on Christ Consciousness. Christ Consciousness needs to be a focus for sometime with anchoring it in for the collective. Don't lose direction, this is a major part of ascension of the planet.

The Christian community is not enlightened to this. The awakened collective, the newly awakened souls are not enlightened to this, which is why I am requesting prayer, meditation to be done for the hearts to be enlightened with Christ Consciousness. Don't forget this part of your journey.

I then asked Sananda, why "don't churches teach Christ Consciousness?" (i personally know why, but I asked, so, someone is asking this question somewhere).

Sananda responded with;

Pastors and preachers are following and old paradigm, they are not following their true path,